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Dr. Jimmy Chism brings his unique blend of leadership and educational philosophy to John E. Flynn a Marzano Academy in his inaugural year as principal, bringing 7 years of building leadership with him. Flynn, known for its prestigious High Reliability Schools (HRS) Level 5 certification (a first in the nation), Dr. Chism's role at Flynn is a testament to his successful application of HRS principles at his previous school, the district's alternative high school. This dedication to educational excellence earned him the accolade of Colorado Assistant Principal of the Year in 2023.
Prior to his accomplishments in Colorado, Dr. Chism's educational journey was shaped on the Tohono O'odham Reservation in Arizona, where he cultivated a deep understanding of culturally responsive teaching, laying the foundation for his inclusive and holistic educational philosophy. In addition to his educational career, Dr. Chism served for 8 years as an intelligence officer in the Army National Guard, an experience that enriched his leadership skills and dedication to service.
In his personal life, Dr. Chism is happily married to his wife of 7 years and the proud owner of two dogs, he enjoys an active lifestyle, including marathon running and rock climbing in the scenic landscapes of Colorado. He is also a certified Sommelier, showcasing his appreciation for diverse experiences and lifelong learning.
At Flynn, Dr. Chism's approachable leadership style and commitment to creating a collaborative educational community resonate with families. He envisions a school where strong community ties, family involvement, and a commitment to each student's unique journey shape a vibrant learning experience. His leadership ensures Flynn is not just a place for academic learning but a nurturing ground for developing well-rounded individuals, ready to succeed and contribute positively to the world.
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Lucy Pearson, Assistant Principal at John E. Flynn a Marzano Academy, brings nearly a decade of experience in various educational roles within Westminster Public Schools. Her background includes teaching across different grade levels, specializing in Kindergarten and Level 3/4, and serving as a Special Education Interventionist and Instructional Coach. Lucy's commitment to building strong relationships with students and families, combined with her innovative teaching approach, enhances the educational experience at John E. Flynn.

Beyond her professional life, Lucy enjoys outdoor adventures with her husband and two dogs, shares a passion for soccer, and embraces challenges such as completing a marathon in Dublin, Ireland. With academic credentials from Queen's University, University of Colorado Denver, and Regis University, Lucy's dedication to learning and growth contributes to her role as a vital member of the school community, shaping a bright future with energy and determination.

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